Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesdays With Walkers Ridge - Melissa Overton

Wednesdays With Walkers Ridge

Melissa Overton is the teen aged sister of Jamie, the sheriff in Walker’s Ridge. She is in high school and hoping to break out of her small town and go to college in the biggest city she can find. She works at a local shop after school and is very active on the ranch and with her friends. Watch as Melissa finds romance at school.

Melissa Overton

You won’t believe what happened to me at school today. I was getting my stuff out of my locker and Collin Randolph walked by and in a teasing kind of way, he closed my locker. I think my jaw hit the floor. He looked over his shoulder, grinning and he winked at me. He WINKED at me. ME! I think I about passed out.
Karlee Smith was with me and she did that low whistle thing that she does and said, “Collin Randolph noticed you.”

I was like, “I know, right?”

I totally tried to play it cool but I think I had this stupid grin on my face all day. We don’t share any classes so I didn’t see him the rest of the day. I kinda tried to watch for him in the halls but without making it obvious that I was watching for him, you know what I mean? But I didn’t see him.
Karlee kept asking me if I saw him and I think she was almost as disappointed as I was when I told her no after almost every class. Except trig, of course, because we’re in the same trig class so she knew he hadn’t talked to me.

I’m so going to spent two hours figuring out what to wear to school tomorrow. Today I wore skinny jeans tucked into my black boots and my black sweater…the one with the buttons on the sleeves…but I don’t want to wear black again tomorrow. I can wear skinny jeans and boots every day, but not sweaters and not black every day. B O R I N G.

Maybe I should go shopping for new clothes. And boots. Obviously boots. But maybe some cute tops that don’t smell like horses. Maybe I should get highlights. Or a trim. I’ll ask Harmony what she thinks when I go to work tomorrow. She has such good taste. She’s got great jewelry in the shop, too. I can look for some cute earrings. If I wear my hair right, the earrings will show. In that case, they need to be sparkly earrings. Sparkly is always good.  
Right now, I need to haul butt and get my chores done. A couple of the horses need exercised today and I have a ton of homework. I sure hope Karlee’s home tonight because I’m so gonna need help with my trig homework. 

Later Gator,

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