Saturday, June 13, 2015

San Andreas, Jurassic World, P.S. I Love You and Popcorn

This week I've spent a tremendous amount of time watching movies. A new movie place opened up in town called Flix Brewhouse. The theater seats remind me of leather office chairs (with no work required). They're super comfortable and you can lean back and relax. In front of you, is a slide out tray and ordering pads. They brew their own beer, have a great bar, and amazing food (the bratwurst hoagie and fries are to die for). You write down what you want, push a button, and they come get your order. A little while later, they bring it right to you. It's a brilliant idea, really. Quality food and drink, silently delivered, so you can watch the movie and eat dinner at the same time. Brilliant. 

The first movie we saw was San Andreas and all I can say is wow. The film is intense almost from the very start and really, what woman is going to find it hard to stare at The Rock for two hours? Honestly!

This morning we went back to see Jurassic World. In preparation, we'd rented and watched all three previous versions, even though the second one just made me angry. The third was better than I remembered and Jurassic World was crazy good. We were all three jumping out of our seats at every turn but we loved it. The food was good, the movie was good, and of course spending time with family is always good. 

Saturday progressed with the normal chores until I decided I refused to do grown-up things today. Instead, I did a little shopping, a little reading, and then I realized something. Even with two trips to the theater, I hadn't had any popcorn. That simply couldn't be allowed to stand. 

Even though it meant putting my jeans back on, I ran out and got a bag of popcorn (two bags but don't tell anyone) and a single serving pizza for Sean. When I came back, I tried to read and eat popcorn but then you run the risk of getting the pages greasy, and it's hard to hold a decent size book in one hand and eat with the other, so I did what I wanted to do all the time. I found another movie. 

Even as I write this, I'm wearing Phil's flannel pants, an over-sized sweatshirt (I swear the air conditioner is working's FREEZING in here), and watching P.S. I Love You. You see, after two high action and intense movies, I had to go back to a sentimental favorite that tugs at my heart instead of my nerves. This movie makes me laugh and makes me cry, makes me want to  yell at my mother and then turn around and hug her. It's the perfect movie to end a perfect week of movie watching, plus I have popcorn. 

I hope your week has been as thrilling as mine, and don't forget the popcorn. :)

Angela Roe

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