Sunday, March 17, 2013

God's Greatest Ideas

Good morning God,

I'm sitting in my recliner with my laptop on my knees. On my side table sits a cup of cappuccino brewed by the Keurig Phil bought for my birthday last year. It's a bit cool this morning so when I came out to the living room, I flipped the switch on my gas fireplace and it's now merrily blazing away and chasing the chill from the room.

In those two sentences, I've listed off several of what I personally consider to be some of  Your finest ideas. Every coffee lover adores their Keurig. I justify my infatuation for it by purchasing teas and hot chocolates for the kids and grandkids but make no mistake, it's the perfectly brewed cup of coffee at my fingertips in seconds that makes this machine a top contender.

For the nearly 13 years we lived in the other house, I had a wood burning fireplace and I loved it. Sure, there were mishaps like the time the log rolled out and melted huge chunks of the carpet or when we got the backdraf that filled the house with smoke and a rookie firefighter had to be stopped from axing the walls to make sure the house wasn't ablaze even though the burning logs never left the fireplace. Still, there really isn't anything as lovely as the sounds and smells of a wood burning fire, is there? Indeed there is. How about the ability to flip the switch and have the fire on or off at one's convenience? If You reread some of those mishaps, You'll better understand why I never leave the fire burning if I'm not in the same room and really, how often does one spend hours in the same room without leaving it for any reason? Being able to turn off the fire so I can use the restroom or run downstairs to get another book or maybe even run to Starbucks (one of Your very best ideas, no less), is more than convenient. It's downright awesome.

Starbucks...the lifeline of my work week, the pleasure of Saturday mornings and my Sunday morning treat. I adore Starbucks. Who doesn't? Phil, poor guy. He's not a coffee drinker at all (I know, right??) and he's not a fan of super sweet drinks, unless you count Diet Coke and chocolate milk. As such, he's no appreciation for the wondrous joy brought to millions by that amazing coffee chain we know and love. He once did a report that pulled our annual spending and we were both stunned at the amount I spend at Starbucks. He was shocked at how high it was while I, fully understanding the depth of my love for the Starbucks creations, was highly pleased with how reasonable it was. We agreed to disagree as getting a divorce over coffee just seemed silly.

But this morning, as I sit in my recliner with my laptop, cappuccino and enjoying my fire, I have to say I think Excedrin Migraine easily takes top place, at least this morning. You see, I've woken up with yet another migraine. Yes, the doctors are treating me with preventatives and new rescue meds but oddly enough, none seem to work as well as Excedrin Migraine. This little magic pill has done more for me than countless doctors, requires no copayment, no appointment desk, no waiting to see the doctor and no repeating of the symptoms with each trip. Nope, just twist the cap, shake the pills out, pop them in your mouth and swallow. For me, relief is typically within the hour. Would I prefer to not get the migraines at all? Of course, and if I may be so bold as to say, I think migraines are absolutely on the list of Your top ten worst ideas. But since I get them and since Excedrin Migraine treats them so much better than my prescriptions, I wanted to say thanks.

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