Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How Much is Too Much?

Hi God, it's me again.

I'm working on revisions for my next book. The working title is Stormy Seduction and it's a rather steamy story about a chance encounter between two people caught in a blizzard.

This whole thing started when I got a call from a publisher asking if I would be interested in writing for a new line they were starting. Let's just call this line adult content. Before that call, I'd never given any thought to writing such books but I figured I'd give it a try. So I penned the manuscript and sent it in. The book wasn't optioned because it was a traditional romance and they were looking for more bizarre storylines. To make a long story short, I cleaned it up, meaning I mostly took out the correct names for the body parts, and turned it into what my mom calls a silky thigh novel. She calls them this because inevitably the hero is running his hand up the heroine's silky thigh.

Echelon Press did option the book and we are in the editing stages now. So as I read and reread and reread this manuscript again, it made me wonder. How much is too much? Do You mind that I write hot, sexy romance books? In some ways, I think You must. You're God, after all. But on the other, I think why would You? You gave me the ability to write.  You give me my ideas and my inspiration. You are who I talk to when I'm stuck so why would You mind the styles I write?

My mind went on a wide road trip with this one. I read all sorts of books. For example, I love a good mystery. Espionage, murder, thriller, whatever. If it's well-written and I like the characters, I'm all in. So does that mean someone who writes espionage is encouraging treason or a murder mystery writer is encouraging murder? Of course not and honestly, I've never heard anyone suggest they are so why am I worried that by writing adult themed romance novels, I could be viewed as encouraging inappropriate sexual behavior?

I've read some pretty steamy books. Some of these are romance novels and some had nothing at all to do with romance or relationships. Yet it never occurred to me to wonder about the ethics or morals of those who write such novels. It never made me wonder if their parents or their children read them. If I don't think others who write steamy romance novels are immoral or somehow less Christian, why am I wondering if You think that about me writing steamy romance novels?

It's a never-ending circle. This writing thing is all in Your hands. The ability to create stories came from You and my success comes from You. Worrying about whether You like my books seems silly when I think of t like that. I no more promote sexual promiscuity with my books than a mystery writer promotes murder. Now I'm off to create more silky thigh moments. Sure hope that's okay with You.

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